The European Association for Forensic Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology & other involved professions (formerly EFCAP) was founded in 1997 and had members in Europe as well as in other countries.

Aims of EFCAP




And facilitate joint international scientific research to promote interdisciplinary training and interdisciplinary education.




obtained from research and to exchange practical experiences and innovative research and treatment methods.


Gather Information


on and to contribute to national and European policy, in so far as this policy affects young people.




of the need for constant change in the criminal and civil justice systems, so as to provide as well as possible for the interests and the development requirements of children and young people.

How can I
join EFCAP?

Send a message to the Office ([email protected]) or consult our website.

The rates for the two-year membership period are EUR 60 or EUR 30 for developing countries (according to the list of the International Statistical Institute).

The Board

President / Chijs can Nieuwenhuizen / The Netherlands

Vice President / Riitakerttu Kaltiala-Heino / Finland

Secretary / Klaus Schmeck / Switzerland

Treasurer / Dirk can West / Belgium

Congress President / Ricardo Barroso / Portugal

Member / Nick Hindley / United Kingdom

Member / Katherin Sevecke / Germany

The Office

Cyril Boonmann / The Netherlands

Nelio Brazao / Portugal

Richard Church / United Kingdom

Jeroen van der Ven / The Netherlands

The Advisory Board

Cornelia Ressler (Switzerland) / Guillaume Bronsard (France) / Giovanni Camerini (Italy) / Josep Cornella (Spain) / Elena Dozortseva (Russia) / Jorg Fegert (Germany) / Josep Ramon Juarez (Spain) / Matti Kaivosoja (Finland) / Jiri Koutec (Czech Republic) / Eva Mulder (The Netherlands) / Christian Perler (Switzerland) / Belinda Plattner (Austria) / Arne Popma (The Netherlands) / Daniel Rijo (Portugal) / Gyula Sofi (Hungary) / Ksenia Syrokvashina (Russia) / Bin Tremmery (Belgium) / Sarah can Grieken (Belgium) / Wolfgang Weissbeck (Germany) / Marco Zanoli (Italy).