President’s Message

Welcome address from the Europe EFCAP President

It is an honour to welcome you to the 5th EFCAP Congress in the beautiful city of Porto. I am very proud that in the last 17 years, EFCAP has progressed into an organisation where many professionals, from different European countries, actively participate. EFCAP is a multidisciplinary organisation set up to let practitioners get in touch with researchers. EFCAP exists not only for adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists, but also for lawyers, nurses, politicians, adult psychiatrists and psychologists, paediatricians, policy makers, pedagogues, and trainees of all these disciplines.


I am really looking forward to an exciting scientific programme at the congress in 2016, covering different aspects of the assessment and treatment of young people with mental health problems.  For the juveniles that commit crimes or get into serious trouble, many factors play a role: their family background, culture, peers, education and, of course, the mental health problems they suffer from. If we want to change the risky or offending behaviour of these youngsters, we should pay ample attention to each of these aspects. The fact that the 5th EFCAP Congress specifically focuses on assessment procedures, intervention programmes and legal issues related to mental health problems of both young offenders and victims illustrates the necessity to go even one step further. It means that we should discuss with each other what it means for our clinical practice when a juvenile is not only an offender but also a prior victim. We should also dare to ask what victims might be at risk of become an offender in the (near) future.


I hope the congress will bring together colleagues who will share their ideas, experiences and passion for the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. Most of all, I hope that our efforts will in turn benefit the youngsters themselves.


Prof. Chijs van Nieuwenhuizen, PhD, President EFCAP